Daniel Uher.
Oulun suurlähetystö

If you love northern nature, true winters and a peaceful environment, Oulu is for you

My name is Daniel Uher. I come from a small village called Vojkovice in the Czech Republic and I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical technology at the Brno University of Technology. Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Biomedical engineering focused on signal processing. However, this time the degree program takes place 2200 kilometers north of my hometown – and coming here has been probably the best decision I have ever made.

Going abroad to study at a foreign university was always my dream. There was also a significant influence from my parents, who encouraged me to take on every international opportunity I could. Although I had a few experiences from abroad, going to a university to take a full-time degree program is THE experience I have been waiting for my whole life. If I look back two years, I would never have guessed that I will end up doing my Master’s degree a few steps from the Arctic Circle.

The city of Oulu, Capital of Northern Scandinavia, is a truly a beautiful city. Not too big and not too small either, offering a vast amount of free-time and professional activities. The cycling paths around the city are simply perfect and having a bike is an absolute must. The weather is actually very nice and if it’s not windy, it’s great. As a Czech person, I come from a relatively cheap place and I was getting myself prepared for some exorbitant prices in Finland. However, the cost of living in Oulu is very reasonable and I have no problem keeping my budget very similar to the one in Czechia.  

But why did I choose to come to Oulu in the first place? To be honest, it was a simple gut feeling, that this feels like the right thing to do. From a more logical standpoint, Finnish educational system is very well recognized and I wanted to experience it myself. Moreover, me being an arctic enthusiast, the nature here is simply stunning and offers one of the most beautiful phenomena on planet Earth, the northern lights.

When I arrived, I was confused and nervous, I knew absolutely no one and slept on the floor for a month. After a few weeks, I dived into the friendly atmosphere of the university, where everybody is trying to help you and make you feel as welcome as possible. Now, I am a member of the student theater of Oulu, do lots of sports throughout the week and along the studies, focus on my hobbies such as computer science and film making.

In addition to studies and other activities, I have become something called an alumni ambassador. What does that mean? It means, basically, is that I am here for you. Why? Because I want to: I want to help you the same way I have been helped by others and I wish to do at least these three things for you. The first one would be creating a window towards what it might be like for you to be studying at the University of Oulu and showing you all the possibilities available. Secondly, it would be simply being a supportive pillar in regards to your questions and inquiries. And finally, being able to guide you while you adopt the city of Oulu as your new hometown.